1931 - 2021

Josep Baqués

This exhibition by Josep Baqués began to be prepared a couple of years ago, and both he and we were organizing it, without knowing that this would be the last to be held, since JOSEP left us on January 7th.

All the exhibitions we prepare are special, they all have some detail that makes that their process is unique, all exhibitions are prepared jointly with the artists, and are faced with the utmost enthusiasm to make the work, the artist's vision, be shown.

After all this process and when you can finally present the exposure to the public, seeing the result is a moment of intense happiness, but this happiness today is mixed with a feeling of sadness for the loss of a great artist and a great friend.

In visits to JOSEP's studio during these two years, we were able to see how this exhibition was taking shape, and we see how - despite having already done many exhibitions throughout of his life - he still had the illusion and also the nerves of a nove artist, to show his his work as if it were the first time he had shown his works to the public.

He was almost able to finish the entire exhibition, in fact there were only a couple of paintings left unfinished that will also be part of this exhibition as the last legacy that has left. Before meeting JOSEP personally, we first got to know his work, and it was so characteristic, unique and different from any other, that it was difficult for us to get an idea of ​​how he would be that artist who not only painted those pictures, but had created a universe own so special and characteristic.

One of the best memories we keep is how easily he had to make you feel good next to him, how, without any effort, you became his friend and how you noticed that this friendship it grew over the years.

We knew JOSEP very well. He always told us to know that his pictures formed part of a house and that they were like one more member of that family, it made him very happy, since a part of him would also be in that house. That is why we are sure that he would want us to this, his last exhibition, was shown to the public as if he were still here. All of us who work at EL CLAUSTRE Gallery had a very special relationship with JOSEP, who went beyond the professional relationship and quickly became a sincere friendship relationship. Today we mourn his death.


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